At Lone Mountain Audiology & Hearing, we understand that hearing loss can be a difficult and isolating experience, which is why we are dedicated to providing our patients with the support and care they need to improve their hearing and communication abilities. One of the most important steps in addressing hearing loss is a comprehensive hearing evaluation.

Why is a hearing evaluation important?

A hearing evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of your hearing ability that helps our audiologists determine the type, degree, and configuration of your hearing loss. It also helps them identify any underlying medical conditions that may be contributing to your hearing loss. This information is crucial in developing an effective treatment plan to improve your hearing and communication abilities.

What is involved in a hearing evaluation?

A hearing evaluation typically includes several different tests and procedures, including a case history, physical examination, and a variety of pure-tone and speech audiometry tests. These tests help our audiologists determine the type and severity of your hearing loss and identify any areas of difficulty.

  • Case history: Our audiologists will ask you about your general health, medications you are taking, any hearing difficulties you are experiencing, and your lifestyle and communication needs.
  • Physical examination: Our audiologists will examine the external ear and the ear canal to ensure that there are no blockages or abnormalities that could be contributing to your hearing loss.
  • Pure-tone audiometry: This test measures your hearing sensitivity at different frequencies (high and low pitches) and determines the type and degree of your hearing loss.
  • Speech audiometry: This test measures your ability to hear and understand speech and is used to identify any areas of difficulty with speech understanding.

Once the evaluation is complete, our audiologists will discuss the results with you and develop a treatment plan to help you improve your hearing and communication abilities.